Dearest Diary,

Do you know what is one of the best feelings in this world, to sit with a nicely made cup of tea and write, and the thought beneath the feeling that tea is unlimited. U can get up, make more, drink more, write more. The feeling that this will not end soon. This is unlimited, till my heart is all pleased and it says that's it, no more.

To be able to sit this relaxed and and write is a pleasure. And the most important ingredient in this, is this time of the day, dusk, which is my favorite since always. So husband left for Philippines, gardening done sitting near my plants, feeling good, i hope plants are feeling good too. We fertilized them today. Thanks to my sis Seema, coz of her i got inspired to get hands dirty in Gardening, and actually thanks to husband Abhishek as well. He is very hands on with such things.

So what lies ahead tomorrow, a few meetings, applying color (may miss)

I want to grow old with abhishek, i want to learn about life with him , i want to se…
Dear Diary,

What happened yesterday was not good, things were just getting better and i fought. You cant really blame anyone in yesterday's event, seems everyone had their own story to behave the way they did but i did mistake of what seema di gave me spilling over Abhishek.

I really need to focus on how to think logically. Main bahaut 1 direction mein sochti hun and you have some biased notions about your husband, let them go, they were the killer yesterday.

So i was thinking while having tea, i will be writing, that's what i am doing. I am having a nice tea, sitting on sofa besides husband, doing our own things, talking, teasing. that's how life is supposed to be, right? What is missing, kids? may be it's time now, we are 2.5 years old in our marriage. and we are settling in this marriage also. Less fights i mean, more settlement, But i am still not 100% sure, so we need to give 1 more year, before we take that decision. That will alter so much.

Dearest Diary,

I am very short of time, hence will keep it brief today.

I slept a lot today, didn't wake up when i was supposed to.

I have matured a little when it comes to work, i dont take stress like i used to earlier.  I do have regrets about the career mistakes i have made in my life, but that's okay, that is past.

There are few things i don't like about my job, This is just my first corporate job, i hope the next ones will not disappoint me as much else i really need to find work for my own. Well that's how my career started courtesy my father. I have seen him work , i have worked besides him. That part of me will never fade away, in fact that impels me to do my own work but what that i need to find and i am not doing that seriously right now. This can be my another career or may be life mistake.


How so much i try to keep that away, but office thoughts does consume my mind bandwidth, even when i am at home.

I have joined a new team, which is high velocity, product is vast n very technical, so i will have to take some pains, i will hv to be courageous, that comes as part of  making some transition in life.

So we have an event in pune day after tomorrow and i have to present some part of my product, rest will be taken care by technical team and i am being jittery abt me having to present, coz this product is very new to me.

So think of this priya, suppose u do it, how wud u feel about it 3 or 6 months down the line, proud, right? u will feel why was i scared about it, this can be done and if u dont do, u will feel little ashamed, little downhearted that i didnt take up the challenge.

I know ur nature, u get bogged down easily, and start feeling jittery but soon start feeling better when u hv overcomed that feeling. It's all abt perspective. Look from a higher plane, think o…
The title of this blog of mine is very telling, at least for me. 
So my life is half spent, and half left. This is good time to analyse and reflect what is important for me and what not, to be more precise, what should be important to me and what not. 
Most important i have done. pinged husband and responded to his morning msg where he said sorry for this morning behavior. he said sorry, i said dont bohter, kiss, make up, all good here. 
Now coming to other things which should be important to me. My own happiness, days to be spent without stress (office or family), my body being fit (for which i doing nothing) infact i bought laddos n sonpapdi today from sweets shop and i m eating that right now, after dinner and was munching on them before dinner as well. 
So i was writing what is important to me,  instead, what shd be important to me.  My health shd be my prioritymy marital life shd be my prioritymy well being and piece of mind, content soul shd be my priority A year back my priorit…