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The title of this blog of mine is very telling, at least for me. 
So my life is half spent, and half left. This is good time to analyse and reflect what is important for me and what not, to be more precise, what should be important to me and what not. 
Most important i have done. pinged husband and responded to his morning msg where he said sorry for this morning behavior. he said sorry, i said dont bohter, kiss, make up, all good here. 
Now coming to other things which should be important to me. My own happiness, days to be spent without stress (office or family), my body being fit (for which i doing nothing) infact i bought laddos n sonpapdi today from sweets shop and i m eating that right now, after dinner and was munching on them before dinner as well. 
So i was writing what is important to me,  instead, what shd be important to me.  My health shd be my prioritymy marital life shd be my prioritymy well being and piece of mind, content soul shd be my priority A year back my priorit…