Dearest Diary,

Do you know what is one of the best feelings in this world, to sit with a nicely made cup of tea and write, and the thought beneath the feeling that tea is unlimited. U can get up, make more, drink more, write more. The feeling that this will not end soon. This is unlimited, till my heart is all pleased and it says that's it, no more.

To be able to sit this relaxed and and write is a pleasure. And the most important ingredient in this, is this time of the day, dusk, which is my favorite since always. So husband left for Philippines, gardening done sitting near my plants, feeling good, i hope plants are feeling good too. We fertilized them today. Thanks to my sis Seema, coz of her i got inspired to get hands dirty in Gardening, and actually thanks to husband Abhishek as well. He is very hands on with such things.

So what lies ahead tomorrow, a few meetings, applying color (may miss)

I want to grow old with abhishek, i want to learn about life with him , i want to see life with him, i am blessed to have him. I love him. I want to have kids with him. We shd have our kids, our kids, basi and my kids. our kids. Kids that will have something like him, something like me.

I just watched a very depressing movie, Still Alice. Alice got diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and her condition progressed very quickly. Now i realize why some people had reviewed it as depressing movie. It is very very depressing and very unfair.

I just want to spend some good time with my husband Abhishek, i am 29 he is 31, we shd not fight anymore.

I love you Basi.


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