Dearest Diary,

I am very short of time, hence will keep it brief today.

I slept a lot today, didn't wake up when i was supposed to.

I have matured a little when it comes to work, i dont take stress like i used to earlier.  I do have regrets about the career mistakes i have made in my life, but that's okay, that is past.

There are few things i don't like about my job, This is just my first corporate job, i hope the next ones will not disappoint me as much else i really need to find work for my own. Well that's how my career started courtesy my father. I have seen him work , i have worked besides him. That part of me will never fade away, in fact that impels me to do my own work but what that i need to find and i am not doing that seriously right now. This can be my another career or may be life mistake.



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